Monday, March 1, 2010


Ruby Holler by Sharon Creech- Module #7
Creech, Sharon. Ruby Holler. New York: Harper Collins. 2002.
Summary: Two orphans, Florida and Dallas, are "hired" to go on trips with an elderly couple. After years of disappointment at the hands of adults, the twins are wary. Through love kindness and understanding the couple earns the twins trust. The twins finally find themselves with a loving home.
Tattered Cover says:
This is a touching story about the power of love. Readers will laugh at the antics of Florida and Dallas and cry of the sweet relationship of the old couple.
How to use this in a library:
This book would be great for a discussion of character changes. It would be fun to chart the changes of the twins from their level of trust to the eventual breaking down of their defensive wall against adults.
Reviews: "This poignant story evokes a feeling as welcoming as fresh-baked bread. The slow evolution of the siblings who are no angels parallels the gradual building of mutual trust for the Moreys. The novel celebrates the healing effects of love and compassion. Although conflicts emerge, readers will have little doubt that all will end well for the children and the grandparently Moreys." Cahners Business Information, Inc.