Monday, February 15, 2010

Module #4

Julie of the Wolves byJean Craighead George- Module #4

George, Jean Craighead. Julie of the Wolves. New York: Harper Collins, Publishers. 1972.


Miyax, or Julie as her friends call her is torn between the modern world and the old Eskimo ways. Julie lives with her loving and wise father, Kapugen, who teaches her the Eskimo ways. However, her way of life is threatened by a new law saying she must attend school and Kapugen going away to war.. Julie decides to run away after moving to the home of a man she has been promised to marry and learning of her father's presumed death. She escapes an attempted rape and tries to get to San Francisco to a friend. Getting lost in the wilderness along the way, Julie must remember her father's teachings to survive in the tundra.Julie is aided by the wolves who have finally accepted her presence.

Tattered Cover says:

Julie of the Wolves is a wonderfully insightful story. There aren't many books that give us a look into the little known Julie of the Wolves has adventure, tragedy, and culture.

culture of Eskimos. It was very interesting to read about the survival techniques and wolf behaviors. I give this book an A+, thoroughly interesting.

How to use this in a library:

This is definitely an great adventure story and would be great for both boys and girls. It would be perfect to use in a study of Native American tribes and cultures.