Saturday, April 17, 2010

Module #12

Module #12- Martin's Big Words by Doreen, Rappaport
Rappaport, Doreen. Martin's Big Words. New York: Jump at the Sun/ Hyperion Books, 2001.

Summary: This book tells the tale of how young Martin felt growing up during the segregation years. As a boy he sees the signs denoting what was for "whites" and what was for "blacks." Even to a child, this was obviously wrong. Martin's Big Words tells of the strength and bravery MLK had in taking a stand for what he knew was right. Through very simple and carefully selected quotes, Rappaport weaves a great account of the life of a great man.
Tattered Cover says: This is a great introduction for young reader's learning about one of the most influential leaders of our time. The easy to read, big words are meaningful and strong. The artwork is beautiful and captures the feelings and inspiration of this great man.
How to use this in a library: I am a big believer that research should be introduced at a young age. I think this a great book for young reader's to use in research for a biography of great American leaders.
Horn Book starred (Spring, 2002)

The text is a mix of finely honed biographical narrative and appropriate quotes from King himself, emphasizing the concept that from his youth Martin had sought to inspire others with his words. The essential events of King's life are presented in a straightforward yet moving style. The facts are extended by breathtaking collage illustrations. A chronology and informative notes from author and illustrator are included.